Ron Romain

“Seeing our community prosper. As a native of Evansville, it inspires me when I see
individuals support our community and give back with time and resources.”

Michael Mintline
President of Romain Automotive Group

“I am inspired when I am able to help someone grow into their full potential.  I love to see people develop and become more than they ever thought they could be!”

Amy Romain-Barron
Vice President

"Being part of the community, and working with people at Romain Cross Pointe that share my goals for our future. That's what inspires me."

Doug Petitt
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer – United Companies
Scot Sanderson
General Sales Manager

“Teaching and training the future leaders of our organization inspires me. Making sure we have a team that continues the growth of our organization inspires me daily to learn something new every day and pass on what I have learned to our future leaders.”

Mark Callison
Cadillac Sales Manager

“I come to work every day with compassion and strive to accomplish the vision and mission of our organization. I am excited to meet new people and the challenges it may present in the car buying experience. I am inspired and committed to make the customer experience the absolute best it can be and strive for perfection. One of my favorite quotes is by Thomas Edison, “The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time.”

Richard Cruz
Buick GMC Sales Manager

“My Faith and my Family inspire me to do my best!!”

Robert Branch
Subaru Sales Manager

“My twin daughters inspire me. I get up every day with the goal of being the best dad that I can be to them.”

Enrique Becerra Lopez
Pre Owned Sales Manager

“My goal is to help and listen to others, it will give me the opportunity to learn new ways to improve life and be a better person at my work place and personal life, which inspires me.”

Randy Pinkston
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

“The impact of positivity that I can have on other’s lives inspires me.”

Larry Renschler
Fixed Operations Manager

“Helping people is what inspires me. Being in the customer service business as a Manager I always have plenty of opportunities to help both my internal and external customers daily. A sincere thank you goes a long way with me!”

Jerry Graupner

“I enjoy making changes and providing information that allows others to reach their goals.”

Phillip Timmons
Service Manager

“My family is my inspiration. My wife and one-year old daughter inspire me to be the best man I can, day in and day out.”

Chris Mason
Used Vehicle Acquisition Manager

“Watching my wife and daughter overcome obstacles and thrive in their daily lives inspires me to cultivate my own optimism and look for a way to improve myself every day.”

Dave Culley
Detail Manager

“Being a Navy Vietnam Era Veteran, I have always been a strong supporter of our United States Military and I am inspired every day by all Military Servicemen and Women both active duty and retired, who sacrifice for our Freedom.”

Chris Persohn
Parts Manager

“What inspires me is showing our younger employees what customer service means.”

Ashley Hart
BDC Manager

“When people come together because they believe in something, support something or want to create a positive change in our community. I am inspired and want to be part of something great as well.”

Dennis Davenport
F&I Manager

“What inspires me is my two boys, Dillon and Drake. And watching them grow up into two great men. And being able to watch them enjoy all the accomplishments they achieve in life.”

Jason Woosley
F&I manager

"What inspires me is all about being better than the me that woke up yesterday. I need to learn and grow every single day if I expect to be a better person."

Cole Render
Assistant Service Manager

“I am and always have been inspired by my father. He is the hardest working man I have ever met.  He raised me to be a caring person and I would like to think that, that carries over into my work as I truly do care for the work that I do and making sure people are completely satisfied 100% of the time.”